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Billy Childish N.C.D.C.R. BREXIT Trilogy



UKIP / Conservative ALT-FACT MEMO!

2nd Referendum Now!

Or Are You Scared?

On the occasion of Theresa May declaring that the BREXIT bill “must be passed unamended”

L-13 are proud to announce the publication of 3 CELEBRATORY POSTERS that utilise
the educational prowess gained by Mister Childish at one of England’s most prestigious secondary schools
during the 1970’s.

Cooked up by Billy Childish, masticated and spat forth by the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, March 2017

WARNING: These posters are not to be reasoned with!

52.5 x 35 cm

Stamped and numbered edition of 113.

Please note: prints come in folded and distressed condition.

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Dimensions 52 x 35 cm