WIN an original Billy Childish painting


The L-13 MANGéL PrESS Presents 

The Billy Childish Original Painting vs Mangled Woodcut WIN WIN Prize Draw

WIN an original Billy Childish painting worth £8,000 by buying a woodcut worth £200 for just £50!!

You’d be crazy to miss this opportunity to own a Billy Childish ORIGINAL at the cost of a cut-price woodcut.

Come to the Art Car Boot Fair this Sunday 9th July where Billy Childish Jr will be mangling woodcuts live on site for your chance to WIN WIN WIN.

Every woodcut sold comes with a raffle ticket to be entered into a prize draw for the painting, winner selected at random at 5:30pm on the day.

1st Prize: Billy Childish original painting

Title: Man with Jackdaw
Year: 2017
Medium: Oil and charcoal on linen
Dimensions: 61 x 46 cm


Booby Prize: Harry Adams original painting

Title: A Sketch for a Trial by Combat: Woman Beats Man (after Talhoffer 1459)
Year: 2016
Medium: Oil and beeswax encaustic on hessian covered board
Dimensions: 61 x 46 cm

Harry Adams Trial By Combat

Art Car Boot Fair

Sunday 9th July 2017
The Workshop
26 Lambeth High Street
12 – 6pm


The raffle will also be open to ONLINE ENTRIES. On Sunday the 9th July the Billy Childish Mangled Woodcut will go on sale on the L-13 site.

Simply purchase the Billy Childish Mangled Woodcut from the L-13 website before 5pm on the day to be entered into the prize draw.

What is ART HATE and Other Cuntish Questions

In writing about the Situatiuonists (see previous post) I am reminded of one of my favourite ART HATE poster What is ART HATE? and possibly the best exhibition we ever did at L-13: Storm of Defence: or, What is ART HATE and Other Cuntish Questions.

The poster came first and is based on the story of the Situationists coming to London to give a presentation at the ICA in 1960. When the floor was opened to questions the first one demanded to know what, exactly, is Situationism.
Guy Debord retorted in French:
“We are not here to answer cuntish questions” to which the Situationists walked out and went to the bar.

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