Billy Childish BREXIT Freedom Trilogy


As Farage threatens to re-enter the Brexit fray, as we all excitedly look forward to the end of free movement within Europe,  celebrating that Johnny Foreigner will no longer come over here, contributing to our economy willy nilly, and that UK goods will no longer travel between frictionless borders, and our children will no longer be able to work and travel with ease within the European community etc etc etc. . .  Childish ponders the important question: WHAT KIND OF A CUNT VOTES FOR LESS FREEDOM?
In this collection of illustrative, thought provoking  posters, The European (Universal) Dissident artist, Billy Childish gives visual form to his thoughts.

Designed by Billy Childish and constructed at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

Three prints.
Stamped and numbered edition of 113 each.
The first 31 of which are available as a collector’s set at a reduced price.

52.5 x 35 cm

Please note: prints come in folded and distressed condition. Please allow TWO weeks for delivery.

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Dimensions 52 x 35 cm

ALL THREE, May, Farage, Johnson