Billy Childish/Hangman Records* Distressed Hangman T-shirt (as worn by Kurt Hangman 1989)

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This item contains generationally insensitive terminology that may cause offence to the weak and feeble minded. For Boomers only.

Facsimile Re-Issue made on the occasion of the first Hangman Record release in 19 years

Limited Edition of 13 in each size, signed and numbered by the artist Billy Childish**

+ free archival print of the Kurt Hangman photograph (21 x 15 cm)

One colour screen print on distressed and sullied organic cotton t-shirt

The level of distress will vary from t-shirt to t-shirt and may be in worse condition than the one shown here.

Based on the original t-shirt believed to have been worn by Kurt Cobain in 1989, this re-issued ‘I’m a Hangman Retard’ t-shirt has been lovingly deconstructed by trained technicians at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.

Originally made in the final year when the term “retard” was still hip, the shirts can nevertheless be worn without giving offence to flids, spazzes, biffs, mongs and/or muppets***.

Only six of the original shirts were ever made back in the day, two of which were purchased by Bruce Pavite of Sub Pop records when Thee Headcoats played with Mudhoney in Portsmouth in 1989.

*Hangman Records is the independent record label founded and run by Billy Childish from 1981 til 1993 with three further special releases in 1998, 2001 and 2020. 

** Causing offence since 1977

*** Historical footnote
In the 1980s Billy was told by a record seller that he could tell who was going to buy a Hangman record because of “the way they shuffled into the shop” adding “Without those hangman retards you wouldn’t sell anything!” Billy’s reply was “That’s good – you should tell them if no one else will have you, we will. They always called me a retard at school… I should make us a t-shirt.” So he did.

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