Billy Childish/Hangman Records – William Loveday Intention 1-7 + CTMF 8 lathe cut 45 set

  • WLI 1-7 B
  • WLI 1-7 A
  • WLI 1-7 record 1
  • WLI 1-7 record 2
  • WLI 1-7 record 3
  • WLI 1-7 record 4
  • WLI 1-7 record 5
  • WLI 1-7 record 6
  • WLI 1-7 record 7
  • WLI 1-7 record CTMF 8

£150.00 (£125.00 excl. VAT)

L-13 is proud to be the sole distributor of this, the first Hangman Records* release in 19 years.

Seven individually lathe cut 7″ 45s on black vinyl with hand stamped titles and housed in a makeshift cardboard slipcase with a stamped sugar paper label.

Plus a bonus CTMF 45 also individually lathe cut

Plus FREE digital download of all 16 tracks with each purchase (see photos for track titles)

Already a scarce collectors item, only 13 copies of this set will ever be made: 10 for sale + 3 special APs.

All signed and numbered by musician/producer William Ivy Loveday on the back of the cardboard cover.

For L-13 subscribers only.

Record enthusiasts should note that all 16 tracks will appear in different versions on various LPs to be released over the coming months. The first of which people think they know me but they don’t know me  can now be pre-ordered from Damaged Goods Records HERE

* Hangman Records is the independent record label founded and run by Billy Childish from 1981 til 1993 with two further special releases in 1998 and 2001. 

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