Billy Childish North Kent Special Interest Button Badges


Billy has been the founder of many organisations over the years, The British Art Resistance and The Friends of The Enemies of The Western Buddhist Order being among them.

Here we offer a selection of button badge emblems other projects founded by Childish on his home turf:  that strange corridor of land that lives between and betwixt the river and the downs (North Kent) or as Childish would have it ‘the Rusty Garden Shed of the Garden of England.’ 

One inch traditional button pin badges.
Available as a set of four in a hand-stamped envelope.
Edition of 100 numbered sets.

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About the North Kent Special Interest Groups

North Kent Space Programme
For over 60 years the North Kent Space Project (twinned with NASA) operated in complete secrecy from the Isle of Grain, North Kent. In early July 1956 the UK’s first satellite, Orbitus, was launched into an elliptical low Earth orbit beating the USSR’s Spunik by over a year. In commemoration of this previously undocumented achievement the Friends of the NKSP are proud to present this badge.

North Kent Sasquatch
With sightings of the North Kent Sasquatch on the rise, Childish has formed this group to explore the coastal marshes and gather irrefutable evidence of this spectacular creature’s definite existence.

The Woodwose (the English term for the Sasquatch) has been driven out of its natural habitat. Childish, with the help of local woodsmen, has set up nesting areas amongst the oaks and beeches of Cobham Woods encouraging their return. Please do not enter the woods during the spring mating season as people will be killed.

Wouldham Monorail
The Wouldham Monorail opened too great acclaim in the summer of 1906, running a fast service to Eccles and Borstal. Once hailed as one of the great engineering feats of North Kent the line fell into disrepair after the last war. Further damage being sustained by Teddy Boys. The line has since lain dormant. With Childish, and his good friend Mahrak ‘Le Mole’ at the helm of a team of restoration experts ( backed by a cartel of local public transport magnates) it is expected the monorail will be back in full service by 2021.

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