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We found a few boxes of this Tangerine Press REJECT edition and have 45 copies to sell.

There’s a tale of woe behind this edition explained in the publisher’s note that comes with the book. We originally released a Ltd Edition Box Set back in 2018 to pay for the printing of this errant edition and the rest were pulped. Or at least we thought they were. We found these copies in 3 boxes lurking in the deepest darkest corner of L-13 storeroom.

Stamped with the L-13 Rejects and Rarities 2024 stamp on the back. Comes with photocopies of the original Publisher’s Note and Errata Slip.

Drawn from over 70 collections of poetry, The Uncorrected Billy Childish was first published in 2009 as a ‘Penguin Art Edition’ by L-13 Light Industrial Workshop (which Penguin demanded be destroyed), in tandem with handbound, limited editions by Tangerine Press.
This edition published, destroyed and reprinted correctly by Tangerine Press, 2018

Original blurb:

Issued by the L-13 Rejects Department for a number of regrettable errors in the unofficial and discarded first print run of the fully revised and updated The Uncorrected Billy Childish by Tangerine Press.

Extract from Publisher’s Note:

When Michael came sobbing into my arms with his tale of woe, crying about the books he was going to have to destroy, and how terrible and embarrassing it all was, and how much money he was losing, I suppressed my instinct to laugh, held his dog-like, tearful face in my hands and said, “Michael, dry your eyes you big hairy baby… it will be alright!”.

All profits go to support Tangerine Press.

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