Billy Childish/CTMF/Jamie Reid THATCHER’S CHILDREN box set


This is one of our favourite things we ever released.

It’s the CTMF song Thatcher’s Children set to the tune of The Clash’s  London Calling.

In order to pre-empt any legal action from Universal Music we wrote our own cease and desist letter from them as a “deride and disorientate” strategy in a way that we thought was obviously fake. The response was outrage online that Universal Music would dare to stifle Billy’s creativity, so we then had to issue another letter from “the real” Universal apologising for their apparent rash rush to litigious action, claiming no such action and that the original letter was a forgery. Subsequently we released a letter from L-13 explaining that we thought the letters were real, explaining why we published them. To wrap it up, we wrote a final letter that revealed a Masonic connection between Mick Jones and Steve Lowe, making everything ok.

A classic piece of Childish/L-13 mischief complete with a collaborative Jamie Reid/Billy Childish God Save Margaret Thatcher poster with a real safety pin through her lip, a DVD of the video, and copies of the four letters, all housed in a stamped and labeled custom made box.

Very scarce and brilliant indeed.

Only one available.

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