Harry Adams Will You Die This Year? Calendar 2021


This year it seems that death is a lot closer.

There has been much of talk about it, and plenty of tallying up the final count. In all the debate about the value of life vs “normality” and the health of the economy, one of the major questions on everyone’s lips as the year draws to a close has been: “….Will they dare?”

And dare they will and dare they have!

Finally…we proudly present the World Famous Harry Adams “Will You Die This Year Calendar” for 2021!

With adaptions and improvements for these trying times.

  • Given the slight increase in odds, Harry Adams have made a slight adjustment to the number of possible days you may die this coming year.
  • If you successfully make it through the year alive you can pull off the calendar stub to reveal a cheery end of year message.
  • An additional comforting message has been included on the back to be looked at in times of extreme fear or worry.

This calendar is not predictive and has no magical properties. It is not recommended for those with overt superstitious beliefs, excess fear, existential dread, and/or no sense of humour about their own mortality.

If you die in 2021 we cannot accept any liability.

Memento Mori: You only live once!

Edition of 113, signed and numbered on reverse.
Contains suggested dates for your end.


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