Jamie Reid/Billy Childish: GOD SAVE Margaret Thatcher REJECT EDITION


We just found a roll of these in our storage room. They were printed at the time we made the CTMF Thatcher’s Children Box Set for a separate distressed edition, but then we decided to make fancy screen prints instead soo they were never distressed and never released.

Inkjet prints on proofing paper with a real dirty old safety pin through the Iron Lady’s lip.

Reject edition of 50 stamped with the artist’s and L-13 REJECT stamps.

71 x 52.5 cm

Accept nothing but the real thing

May come with bent corners and dinged edges.

Sold as seen

No returns

Comes with a COA signed by the Director General of the L-13 Rejects Dept.

Click here to see the CTMF Thatcher’s Children video on YouTube

Out of stock

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Green on Pink, Turquoise on Orange, Yellow on Pink, Blue on Orange