Jamie Reid Queen in Blood Diamonds Double-Sided Test Prints

  • JR-1-IMG_7174 copy
  • JR-det-IMG_7198 copy
  • JR-2-IMG_7176 copy
  • JR-3-IMG_7178 copy
  • JR-4-IMG_7180 copy
  • JR-5-IMG_7182 copy
  • JR-6-IMG_7184 copy
  • JR-7-IMG_7187 copy
  • JR-8-IMG_7189 copy
  • JR-9-IMG_7191 copy
  • JR-10-IMG_7193 copy
  • JR-11-IMG_7196 copy
  • JR-12-IMG_7199 copy
  • JR-13-IMG_7201 copy



We have 13 of these double-sided test prints to sell

These were all tryouts to decide the colour ways  for the  Jamie Reid Queen in Blood Diamonds editions made for the Art Car Boot Fair, 2020

Screen-prints in multiple colours on grey board with a variety of prints on BOTH SIDES
Some featuring the same Queen in positive or negative
Some featuring Jimmy Cauty’s Full English or Lockdown test prints
One with a Not Banksy Covid Chimp silhouette
Some on hand-painted silver background
Stamped with Jamie Reid and L-13 Rejects stamp
Approx. 45 x 64 cm
Each image shows both sides

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