Jamie Reid Queen in Blood Diamonds screen print

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For the Viral Art Car Boot Fair (Year of the Crown Virus 2020) we set Jamie Reid  head to head with Jimmy Cauty in the battle of the Queens, reanimating Reid’s subversive ‘God Save the Queen’ iconography for this purpose.

3 colour screen print on recycled 1200 micron grey pulp card
43 x 62cm
Signed & numbered by the artist

Made specially for the Viral Art Car Boot Fair 

Only £60 on the opening day, then £75 for one day after on this site, then full price off £175 after that.

This print is a re-working of the image created by Jamie Reid for the Scorzayzee record Great Britain, featuring the Queen in the same blood diamond crown she wore for her 1977 Jubilee photographs as used by Reid in his iconic God Save The Queen works.

Available in TWO Edition Options:

Negatively Positive
Edition of 250
Pearl black, yellow & magenta on pearl silver/white

Positively Negative
Edition of 250
Pearl silver/white, magenta & yellow on pearl black


Each print is unique with significant variation in offsetting, misprinting, smudging, marks, tears and creases. These so-called ‘defects’ are intentional and inherent to the hand-made nature of the work and the production process. These marks are testament to works made by vandals, hooligans, and specially untrained technicians. We cannot respond to requests for specific prints, all are unique, all will be cherished. 

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Positively Negative, Negatively Positive