Jamie Reid SLOGAN Screen Prints on Cardboard TEST PRINTS

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We have just 7 of these JAMIE REID Slogan screen prints to sell.

When we published the book XXXXX for Jamie we had a screen made up with a selection of his best known slogans. We can’t remember why now, but probably just in case one or all of them became useful. There was also a vague idea the screen would make a good print edition in itself, so we tried it out on these pieces of cardboard before getting distracted and moving on to something else.

Screen ink on cardboard sheets
65 x 47 cm

Stamped on the reverse with L-13 Rejects & Rarities Sale 2024 and Jamie’s stamp.

There are 4 versions:

Black and magenta on fluorescent yellow x 3
Black and magenta on bright yellow x 1
Magenta on bright yellow x 2
Magenta x 1

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Black and magenta on fluorescent yellow, Black and magenta on bright yellow, Magenta on bright yellow, Magenta