Jimmy Cauty ADP A Riot in a Jam Jar SIGNED Postcard Sets

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£20.00 (£20.00 excl. VAT)


We have 16 sets of these postcards to sell.

First published to raise funds for the ADP Riot Tour in 2016.

4 x A6 (10.5 x 14.85 cm) postcards in each set housed in a stamped and signed envelope.

Radical Artists of the Future … will be funded by The State for The State Fuck the Fucking Fuckers
BUT DAD … there is something infantile in the presumption that somebody else has a responsibility to give your life meaning
PC CONEHEAD STRIDES OUT AGAIN … Paternal Childcare in the Aftermath Spectacle of the Absurd
My Mum Says … the rights of every child are diminished when the rights of one child are threatened. Therefore you must burn you fat fuck!

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