Jimmy Cauty CNPD Definitive 1st Class Queen in a Gas Mask Collage FRAMED

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£1,500.00 (£1,250.00 excl. VAT)

Signed Reverse Engineered 1st Class Queen In a Gas Mask Collage, 2007
in custom wood & glass frame

This was one of the collages made for the exhibition War is Over that marked the final days of the Cautese NĂ¡tionale Postal Disservice that ceased trading and manufacturing regular stamps on the eve of the exhibition opening. It has been kept in deep storage at the artist’s vaults since.

Paper, glue & varnish on heavy card
Print size 75 x 81 cm approx.
Frame size 89 x 95 cm approx.

Direct from the artist’s vault.

WARNING: Sold As Seen including genuine art dust, scuff marks & collateral damage from other artworks to the frame.

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