Jimmy Cauty CNPD Occupation Day 1st Class 2004


On a recent visit to the L-13 Archive Vaults we found this print from 13 years ago.

Even though it’s the 2004 Occupation Day Stamp it was published in 2006 to mark 3 years of military occupation in Iraq. The edition quantity is the same as the number of civilian deaths due to the war that year. We only printed to order though and it’s unlikely that any more than 100 of these were made.

This is print No. 23/6,331

Archival inkjet print on 310 gsm Hahnemhule PhotoRag paper

33 x 30.5cm

Signed, stamped and numbered. (N.B. The original edition would not have been signed.)

Mint condition

Very scarce

Only ONE available.

Out of stock