Jimmy Cauty CNPD Penny Black Mint Presentation Sheet


On a recent visit to the L-13 Archive Vaults we found this print from over 13 years ago.

From 2005 onwards, and maybe before, we would make real gummed and perforated stamps for each of Jimmy’s designs. They were never as popular as the prints but we always maintained that, after the First Day Covers, the stamps sheets were the best thing to collect. The mint presentation sheets were full sheets of the stamps tipped onto a printed presentation sheet that was signed and numbered by the artist.

Published 2005

Gummed and perforated stamps on an archival inkjet print on 310 gsm Hahnemhule PhotoRag paper

24 x 30.5cm

Signed and numbered by the artist

Mint condition

Very scarce

Only ONE available.

Out of stock