Jimmy Cauty COVIDIAN CULTURE Stamps of Mass Contamination MINT STAMP SHEETS

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CNPD Mint Stamp Sheets for the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Class Corona Germ Free STAMPS OF MASS CONTAMINATION commemorating the first year of Covidian Culture.

Real gummed and perforated stamp sheets.

Limited Edition of 131 numbered sets

25.3 x 17 cm

Available for pre-order now First Day of Issue 26th June 2020.

ALL SALES GO TO FUND the final build stage of Cauty’s ESTATE and fitting out a 40ft SHIPPING CONTAINER in preparation for its INTERNATIONAL Socially Distanced GERM FREE All Terrain not-ART Machine COVIDEAN CULTURE Tour.

Notes on the Queen in a Gas Mask
Cauty’s iconic Queen in a Gas Mask stamp design was first issued in 2003 as 1st, 2nd and 3rd class Stamps of Mass Destruction to mark the beginning of the Iraq War, and withdrawn from sale after the threat of legal action by the Royal Mail. The 4th, 5th and 6th Stamps of Mass Destruction were issued in 2004 to mark the continuation of the “War on Terror”, and also withdrawn from sale after threat of legal action by the Royal Mail. These were followed by the England Day Climate of Fear stamps, a CO2 Global Warming stamp, Penny Blacks & Tupney Reds, and somewhere along the line the 7th and 8th class Stamps of Mass Production were issued as well as the 10th Anniversary bronze, silver and gold issue. All now very scarce.

In these new Covidian Culture Stamps of Mass Contamination, Cauty has subtly altered the original designs to suit the current Covidian Climate of Fear without compromising the classic iconoclastic iconography of the first issue.

Given the latest scientific opinion, the artist has decided full face gas masks are far more effective than N-95s and should be worn by all heads of state and political leaders at all times.

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1st Class SMC, 2nd Class SMC, 3rd Class SMC, Signed Set