• Jimmy Cauty Super Squawk 9000 screenprint

Jimmy Cauty Super S.Q.U.A.W.K. 9000


Released on the occasion of the publication of
Jimmy Cauty’s
Advanced Acoustic Armaments Cookbook

Edition of 113
Signed and numbered by the artist
Two colour screen print on 400gsm Reverse Optimum Grey Backed White Lined Chipboard
64 x 45 cm

L-13 screen-prints are not slick lifestyle products: more the work of vandals,  hooligans and artists than interior designers. These prints have the requisite amount of misprint and offsetting, overprinting and physical abrasion. They may be dirty and torn with additional finger prints, smudges, and other marks that bare testimony to their making. The hip will find this beautiful and the squares will find it abhorrent.

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