Jimmy Cauty THE BRIDGE 1:87 scale ADP offcut SKIP SALVAGE or DEMOLITION Special

£5,000.00 (£4,166.67 excl. VAT)



Built in 2015 to link the mythical New Bedford with the Aftermath Dislocation Principle mainland, The Bridge was first exhibited in America Street, London 2015, then housed in an 8ft x 8ft container to be shown at the Royal Academy of Arts [see video below], and was finally shown on the last stop of the 2016 ADP Riot Tour at the Panacea Society Museum in Bedford.

Since then the container has been repurposed as a garden shed and the model   was kept in deep storage in the artist’s studio vaults for years before being chucked in the skip for the L-13 Skip Sale, June 2022.

Salvaged and nearly restored to its former glory by L-13 Archivists, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy an important piece of work by the world’s foremost master-builder of dystopian model villages.

If no buyer is found by 23rd October 2022 this seminal artwork WILL BE DEMOLISHED

4 ft x 4 ft wide x 4ft 3″ high

Power supply included

(Virtual) plinth not included but (a real one) can be supplied at cost.

If you’d like this and have a good home for it but can’t afford it, sealed bids will be considered. Please send any offers to Steve at L-13@L-13.org

Shipping at cost

In stock