Jimmy Cauty THE HOLE 1:87 scale ADP offcut SKIP SALVAGE or DEMOLITION Special

£3,000.00 (£2,500.00 excl. VAT)



This 4ft x 4ft section of the Aftermath Dislocation Principle was part of the original model as shown in London in 2013 before touring the Netherlands and then infamously exhibited as a highlight at Banksy’s Dismaland in 2015.

It was then removed from the model when the ADP was reconfigured to fit into a 40ft shipping container for the ADP Riot Tour in 2016, and since then has been kept in deep storage in the artist’s studio vaults somewhere under the River Thames.

It was then chucked into the skip for the L-13 Skip Sale, June 2022 before being salvaged and nearly restored to its former glory by L-13 Archivists.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy an important piece of work by the world’s foremost master-builder of dystopian model villages.

If no buyer is found by 23rd October 2022 this seminal artwork WILL BE DEMOLISHED

4 ft x 4 ft wide x 13″ high

(Virtual) plinth not included but (a real one) can be supplied at cost.

This piece could also be wall mounted.

If you’d like this and have a good home for it but can’t afford it, sealed bids will be considered. Please send any offers to Steve at L-13@L-13.org

Shipping at cost

In stock