Jimmy Cauty THE RUIN 1:87 scale ESTATE remnant SKIP SALVAGE or DEMOLITION Special

£2,000.00 (£1,666.67 excl. VAT)



This ruin is all that is left of the mythical Towerblock 5 from Jimmy Cauty’s model village ESTATE that’s been touring the UK in a 40ft shipping container as the MdZ ESTATE Tour. Legend has it that Towerblock 5 was another 17 story tower block of Live Work Die units but as there was no room for it in the container it was demolished by the children of the ESTATE to make brutalist stone squares that were erected around the country at secret locations for each stop of the MdZ ESTATE Tour.

This remnant (confiscated from the children of the ESTATE after they’d been naughty and wouldn’t say sorry) was kept  in deep storage in the artist’s studio vaults for years before being chucked in the skip for the L-13 Skip Sale, June 2022.

Salvaged and made structurally safe by L-13 architectural engineers, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy an important piece of work by the world’s foremost master-builder of dystopian model villages.

If no buyer is found by 23rd October 2022 this seminal ruin WILL BE RAZED TO THE GROUND

59 x 31 x 31 cm

1:24 scale

If you’d like this and have a good home for it but can’t afford it, sealed bids will be considered. Please send any offers to Steve at L-13@L-13.org

Shipping at cost

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