Jimmy Cauty’s ADP Riot Tour Book

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We found a couple of boxes of this book in our storeroom and have 50 copies to sell.

Published at the very beginning of The ADP Riot Tour in 2016 before we really knew what we were getting into and how it would turn out. The photo of the container at the beginning shows a very clean graffiti free grey container with the ADP Riot Tour logo emblazened on the side, still in the yard where it was fitted out before it was sent out on its year-long (and still ongoing) tour or riot sites around the world.

First Edition – Prophetic Promotions Press 2016

Featuring essays by Ian Hernon (Riot UK) and Jonathan Downing (A New City Will Be Built – Apocalypse, Bedford, and The Aftermath Dislocation Principle)

Soft greycard cover
66 pages, full colour throughout
23 x 17.5cm

Signed by Jimmy Cauty on the title page

Includes an ADP What’s Inside the Container? Visitor Guide


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