Neal Jones My Art Shame

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“… Futility is of course the undermining determinant we all have, and yet better to imitate the dung beetle than flash around engaged in would-be big business … Anyway, the book is a proper work and lights on so many things in life that it operates like a tonic.” William Feaver on My Art Shame

Collection of writings on ‘Art’ by Neal Jones, edited by Paul Ewen

Privately published with the assistance of L-13 in return for some bellows made by the author from scrap wood and discarded leather trousers.

ISBN: 978-1-908067-12-8

113 pages
18 x 11 cm

Paperback bound in Accent Antique Eco White card with bookmark flap to rear.

Only 500 copies printed
Sparkle Kiss Edition Of which 36 initialled and numbered copies have been given a sparkle kiss by the author 
Mwa! Mwa! Edition 
Of which 13 initialled and numbered copies have Mwa Mwa scrawled on each  side by the author 
Rudely Signed Edition 
Of which 13 initialled and numbered copies have the authors signature rudely signed in black marker on the title page
Reading Edition Remaining copies the basic unadulterated edition sold at cost price

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