STOT21stCplanB NOT NOT BANKSY Emphatic Denial Non-Resurrection Anniversary Edition



85.5 X 58.5 cm
Two colour screen print on tar paper.
Edition of 113.
Signed and numbered by STOT21stCplanB and NOT NOT BANKSY on reverse.

WARNING: All prints are hand printed by specially untrained L-13 technicians. Prints may come with dings, scratches and other marks that bare the evidence of their making. 

As it is known NOT BANKSY died in 2008. Now 10 years on NOT BANKSY’s memory is honoured with this NON-RESURRECTION edition by NOT NOT BANKSY. That’s right: NOT NOT BANKSY, not NOT BANKSY.

NOT NOT BANKSY is not NOT BANKSY as NOT BANKSY is dead. These prints are a homage to NOT BANKSY, not BANKSY, by a new artist known as NOT NOT BANKSY who continues the great work of NOT BANKSY and not BANKSY. Some people think it is NOT known if BANKSY was ever involved in the NOT BANKSY project, or if NOT BANKSY is NOT DEAD and in fact is NOT NOT BANKSY. The latter is unprovable but we know categorically that BANKSY was NOT involved in any creation or idea formed by NOT BANKSY, or the THE CONTINUITY NOT BANKSY, and certainly not NOT NOT BANKSY! Is that clear?

NOT NOT BANKSY artworks are made by 2 artists formerly known as STOT21stCplanB who, for the purposes of appearing more intelligible and serious, changed their name to Harry Adams in 2008 and still stand accused of killing NOT BANKSY. They have reverted to STOT21stCplanB to be known as NOT NOT BANKSY specially for this occasion.

Furthermore: Even though the NOT BANKSY works of old are now selling for hundreds of pounds on the secondary market, the artists and we the publisher are sticking to our principle that chasing art market prices is a dire fallacy and have decided to keep this new edition at a reasonable price. May all but the artist profit from it!

For further information on the true history of NOT BANKSY please CLICK HERE.

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Dimensions 85.5 × 58.5 cm