• The JAMs People's Pyramid Poster in sleeve with packaging
  • The JAMs People's Pyramid Unfolded
  • The JAMs People's Pyramid Poster Packaging

The JAMs The People’s Pyramid First Edition Poster


dead perch merch

1st Edition 25th August 2017

  • Two colour screen print on newsprint
  • 90 x 60 cm
  • Folded and issued in a labelled archival bag, housed in a heavy card envelope and sealed with a presentation label
  • Extra creases, folds, tears are special and come at no extra cost
  • No unfolded posters are available


The JAMs and dead perch merch do not make limited editions or multiples, only merchandise
The JAMs do not sign any merchandise
Where possible, all merchandise will be screen printed
There will be no hierarchy as to what the screen print is on: a throwaway paper cup will be honoured as highly as first edition poster and vice versa
Some items of merchandise may be in short supply
Some items of merchandise will be endlessly supplied
Some items of merchandise may be removed from sale without warning
Some items of merchandise may be reissued without warning
The laws of supply and demand do not necessarily apply to dead perch merch

* Please allow 23 working days for delivery *

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Dimensions 90 x 60 cm

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