The William Loveday Intention: Authentic slub yarn, loop-wheel loom T-shirt – WHO LOST MOST…

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For those who appreciate the subtle fine details and quality of a vintage garment, and therefore the absolute authenticity of a high-end reproduction, this William Loveday Intention t-shirt is sure to delight; this is the definitive, design-classic, basic white T of all time with one colour hand pulled screen print. Printed here at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.

Supplied by Eastman Clothing, these Ts are exact replicas of the ones originally made for the US military. Made from a superior quality ‘slub yarn’ cotton, they are constructed as per the original in terms of cut, seam-style and shade. The original Ts were made on loop-wheel, ‘body-size’ looms, i.e. there is no side-seam; it is made as a complete tube. To do this requires special looms which are only used by specialist manufacturers these days, and thus are hard to source, and expensive to produce – but it’s the proper way to make a T-shirt, and it’s the way they were made for the US military in the 1930s/40s.

Available in sizes: 36 – 44 (Sm – XXL)


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