The World Famous Will You Die This Year(?) Calendar 2023

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Designed and published  by STOT21stCplanB (aka STOT21)

Die you will. 

But will it be in the year of 2023?

Another year is gone and you are closer to death than ever.

On the plus side, if you’re reading this it means you have so far clung to your mortal coil  and survived 2022 despite the fragility and fleeting transience of existence as we all shuffle closer to the eternal abyss of death.

To celebrate this miracle/trial called life, we once again proudly publish the WILL YOU DIE THIS YEAR (?) CALENDAR, thus keeping you firmly tipped on your toes and painfully aware that every split second of your poor sorry life does actually count.

With STOT21 back at the helm, this year’s design harks back to the Memento Mori and hand signal motifs of their early career, whilst the back sports an important message from our sponsors K2 Plant Hire Ltd.

We know you all want to be part of The People’s Pyramid, so why delay?


And remember: Buy Now. Die Later.

This calendar is not predictive and has no magical properties. It is not recommended for those with overt superstitious beliefs, excess fear, existential dread, and/or no sense of humour about their own mortality.

If you die in 2023 we cannot accept any liability.

Memento Mori: You only live once!

A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Printed on uncoated 800 gsm card with a calendar pad stuck on
Edition of 131 numbered copies

Each calendar contains randomly selected dates (that could be your last) marked with a RED SPOT

Good luck and happy 2023!


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