L-13 was well ahead of the game as we started self-isolating & social distancing in 2011 when we stopped doing regular exhibitions and events to avoid contamination by the great unwashed masses.

As such our approach to the Coronavirus Pandemic has been measured and minimal.

Sophie had already left for a much needed 4 month sabbatical to Mexico where she’s now residing safely on a beach until it’s all over.

That has left myself, The Janitor and The Beast to hold the fort at the L-13 bunker where we will continue to chisel away at the coalface of art.

That said, we are slightly hampered by lockdown regulations so please bare with us and be even more patient than normal when waiting for orders to arrive.

Most of all
Steve Lowe
Chief Engineer, L-13


UPDATE 20th April 2020

As we enter the 4th week of lockdown and start to find our feet working with, in and around the current situation, we realise we are lucky to be able to do so. 

At this point we’d like to thank all those who have continued to show us support, both morally and by buying our dubious non-essential wares.

We will continue to do what we do best/worst as best/worst we can and have started to donate some of our ill-gotten gains to charities and initiatives that support those affected worst by the current situation. If you know of anything we should be supporting please let us know. We are particularly fond of localised mutual aid causes.


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A Town Planning Disaster by Jimmy Cauty

ESTATE is a Town Planning Disaster built in 1/24 scale by Jimmy Cauty that exists in the same post-apocalyptic world of the Aftermath Disclocation Principle. It is currently in the build stage and will be completed in 2020.

Go to the PROJECTS page to find out more.  

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