Harry Adams



Harry Adams photograph by Sophie Polyviou

Harry Adams is the pseudonym used to present the collaborative paintings of artists Adam Wood and Steve Lowe

Born 1965 and 1966, East London and Slough.
Lives and works in London and Hastings.
Studied at Derby, Southwark, Byam Shaw School of Art and University of Ulster.
Lowe founded and runs the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, Clerkenwell.

They have been making prints and paintings together as Harry Adams since 2008 but have been collaborating on a wide array of projects since they met at art school in the late 1980s.

Lowe and Wood also operate under the moniker STOT21stCPlanB, initially as a 3 piece zero ambition noise rock cum alt-country band and subsequently as a visual art collaboration.

STOT21stCPlanB are responsible for The Real Not Banksy Front (RNBF) and any and all confusion arising therein.