MUMUFICATION is the process of firing 23g of cremated human remains into a BRICK OF MU which is then ceremonially laid into the PEOPLE’S PYRAMID on the Toxteth Day of the Dead, 23rd November of each year.

The People’s Pyramid will be built by K2 Plant Hire Ltd, by order of the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (The JAMs), and their living representatives or descendants.

The living representatives of The JAMs are Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond.

Callender, Callender, Cauty & Drummond (CCC&D) are the Undertakers responsible for handling all afterlife services in the process of MUMUFICATION.

The L-13 Light Industrial Workshop operate as Merchants of Death to CCC&D, registering people for MUMUFICATION and producing Merchants of Death Merchandise to help fund the building of the People’s Pyramid.