2023 The Audiobook by The JAMs Released with FREE 7″Single & Poster



By Order of The JAMs
dead perch merch present

2023 The Audiobook
A full download of 2023 a Trilogy by The JAMs
Narrated by Daisy Campbell
Run time 9 hrs 9 mins

 2023 The Single
A 7” 45rpm record of two extracts from 2023 a Trilogy by The JAMs
Side A: The Ballad of Yoko and John (4:33 mins)
Side B: Burn the Shard (3:12 mins)
Narrated by Daisy Campbell

A screen print by The JAMs
83 x 53 cm in 3 colours on folded newsprint

All housed in a  10” card mailer sealed with a dead perch merch label and stamped on the back by Dead Perch Nation Operatives.

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The Interrogation of Steve Lowe in the IT

Steve Lowe in the International Times

“”I do truly believe in painting in the 21st Century as an act of subversion. Contemporary society and culture doesn’t want dirty messy paintings full of beauty and simplicity with ever changing complex readings. It wants cold clinical clarity, cleanliness and easily PR’able concepts. Go to any major contemporary gallery or international art fair and you’ll see what I mean. On the whole, they lack love and soul and really don’t want it. That’s far too human and messy.”

Click here to go to the International Times website and read the Interrogation of Steve Lowe, covering L-13 activity, artists & the way L-13 “can cock a snook, while snookering commercialism and hollow art values”.