billy childish: Bezoar Ibex BRONZE SCULPTURES

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These are the first ever bezoar ibex* sculptures made by Billy Childish. Two companion ibex in editions of 31 each in solid patina’d bronze.

bezoar ibex I (slightly larger)
bezoar ibex 2 (slightly smaller)

Formed by the artist, cast in the fires of Clerkenwell, and hand finished at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.

Ibex 1 is 7.4 cm long, 6.8 cm high and 3.5 cm wide
Ibex 2 is 6.9 cm long, 6.5 cm high and 2.2 cm wide

All editions come with a signed and numbered provenance certificate.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

*The bezoar ibex (Capra aegagrus aegagrus) is a wild goat subspecies that is native to the montane forested areas in the Caucasus and the Zagros Mountains. It is known particularly for the size of its horns; it possess the world’s longest horns in relation to body weight and weighs about 60 kg (130 lb). Its horns can grow as long as 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in).


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bezoar ibex 1, bezoar ibex 2

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