Harry Adams Patented Finger of God Painting Machine, Edition the 7th

  • FOG Pablo Picasshole 3 paintings
  • FOG Pablo Picasshole Macho Maroon for web
  • FOG Pablo Picasshole Bastard Brown for web
  • FOG Pablo Picasshole Genius Grey
  • Finger of God edition 7th certificates

£31.00 (£25.83 excl. VAT)

Harry Adams and L-13 proudly present
the 7th Issue from the patented
World Famous Finger of God Painting Machine.

This time a set of three paintings for the price of one!

Macho Maroon
Bastard Brown
Fucking Genius Grey

By that renowned & prolific macho bastard genius

Each painting is unique. Placed on a thick book of Dada and touched by the Finger of God. Witnessed by Harry Adams.

 Edition of 31 sets stamped, numbered and signed by the artist.

Comes with an authentic certificate of authenticity.

18 x 18 cm

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Dimensions 18 × 18 cm

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