Jamie Reid ROGUE MATERIALS 1972 – 2021

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  • Anarchy
  • GSTQ
  • Pistols Castrated
  • Chaos
  • Eartrumpet stones
  • E
  • Thatcher
  • Silbury
  • Moons
  • Poll Tax
  • Democracy
  • Death of Money
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176 pages in full colour
30 x 22 cm
exquisitely printed on 120 gsm Munken Lynx Rough paper and bound in paper covered pictorial 3mm book board cut flush to the edges

Available in three editions

Standard Hardback Edition: £35.00

Signed Ltd Edition with signed photocopy laid inside: £95.00
250 signed and numbered copies with black fore edges and a signed photocopy made from an original featured in the book in a labeled manilla envelope laid inside.
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Extra Special Signed Ltd Edition of 13 copies


Aided and abetted by the immediacy of xerox-machines, Jamie Reid has been hooked on the freedom of designing by cut, paste, copy & scrawl since his first encounter with these machines in 1972.

Along with a burgeoning DIY scene Reid recognised the errors, experimentation & play inherent in the medium of photocopying made it ideal not just for drafting artwork but for communicating with visceral speed the radical ideas of the time: using it to disseminate agit-prop for the Black Panthers to anti-war rallying cries.

Here, the scraps of the medium are the message: cutting room floor detritus encompassing 50 years of protest, music, art, radical thinking & speaking out. From Reid’s beginnings at community activist publication Suburban Press, to punk, the Sex Pistols and beyond, shot through with political & spiritual proclamations this book is a collage testament to Reid’s maxim: Keep Warm, Make Trouble.

Introduction by John Marchant
Edited and designed by Steve Lowe and John MarchantPublished by the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop in association with John Marchant Gallery

ISBN: 978-1-908067-30-2

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Standard Hardback Edition, Signed Ltd Edition with Anarchy in the UK, Signed Ltd Edition with God Save the Queen, Signed Ltd Edition with Sex Pistols Castrated, Signed Ltd Edition with Chaos in Cancerland, Signed Ltd Edition with Eartrumpet (stones), Signed Ltd Edition with Everything Begins with E, Signed Ltd Edition with Vote for Light, Signed Ltd Edition with Double Silbury Hill with Avebury Stone 1990, Signed Ltd Edition with Many Moons and Stones, Signed Ltd Edition with Pay No Poll Tax, Signed Ltd Edition with Democracy The Lie 1994, Signed Ltd Edition with The Death of Money 1998, Signed Ltd Edition with Beauty is a Birthright 2014, Extra Special Signed Ltd Edition of 13 with all 13 Photocopies