Jimmy Cauty Ritual In a Jam Jar: Two Wrongs Make a Rite

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Aftermath Dislocation Fate Day 2323-2336

This Ritual in a Jam Jar depicts a future neo-pagan life & death festival to usher in spring, where outdated figures of authority such as police officers, teachers and local politicians are ritually judged in the village playground by children. During the ritual the children dance and sing around the gallows pole and decide the fate of that year’s sacrifice, symbolising the anarchic renewal of life after winter and the death of hierarchical power structures.

This edition captures two similar scenes set 13 years apart showing the cyclical nature of the ritual. One with the children performing the judgement dance in 2323 for that year’s sacrifice – the local pc, and the other 13 years later where two of the kids return as spectators to see if he survives another year.

1:87 scale model in a standard size jam jar.
The jam jar measures 11 cm x 6.5 cm.

Edition of 25*
Signed and numbered by the artist on the lid.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity also signed by the artist.

* Please note: these works are all assembled with an array of figures and model parts that the artist has to hand, figures may vary.

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