Heckel’s Horse

Heckel’s Horse is the name for the painting collaboration between Billy Childish and Edgeworth Johnstone. The collaboration allows for paintings which “unfold from the unconscious… resulting in an immediate dreamlike imagery”, and since 2013 Heckel’s Horse have made over 150 paintings together.

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Reproduction Prints

Archival reproduction print on heavy matt stock

Edition of 100 signed and numbered by the artists

Six prints available:

acorn man (30.5 x 35cm)
jockey and bird flying (30.5 x 35.5cm)
bathers (30.5 x 36.2cm)
woman and deer (30.5 x 42cm)
man with a horse (30.5 x 35.3cm)
white horse (after Pirosmani) (30.5 x 35.2cm)