Harry Adams Collider Part 2

Harry Adams PART 2
(the book) double vision

COLLIDER part 2 (the book) double vision is a remix of the paintings made for COLLIDER part 1: (the exhibition), an online exhibition of screen-printed landscape paintings made during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020.

Mirroring and zooming in on the screen-print paintings, confusing the original and the digital image, manipulated, made real again, into something new.

COLLIDER part 2 (the book) double vision can be read front ways, back ways, in a mirror, or on a Zoom call without diminishing your viewing experience.

The text on the endpapers is from a friend in another land, responding to the paintings in COLLIDER part 1, containing thoughts on making art while the world burns.

COLLIDER part 2 (the book) double vision comes with a FREE folded poster of COLLIDER part 1 (the exhibition) showing all the 86 ‘screen print paintings’ made for the exhibition, a series of cut-up, overlaid and collided images of land, water and sky derived from previous Harry Adams paintings.

COLLIDER part 2 (the book) double vision is published in 500 copies, and available in two edition formats:

Special Edition of 150
With hand-painted black edges
Signed and numbered by the artist
Wrapped in a screen-printed and rubber stamped cardboard slipcase.

Unadulterated Edition
Shrink-wrapped and pure.

90 full colour pages
300 mm X 203 mm
Printed by the fantastic Narayana Press in Denmark on 150 gsm Munken Krystal Rough paper and solidly bound in Germany with flush cut 3mm book board and a printed mirror paper finish.

With Thanks:
Import tax for COLLIDER part 2 (the book) double vision cost the publisher £1,740. We would like to thank all of those who voted for Brexit for adding this extra cost to book publishing and cross-border cultural production.

COLLIDER Part 2 (the book) is followed by COLLIDER Part 3 (an installation)