True Love Fake Art Suckers!

True Love Fake Art Suckers!
Art Car Boot Fair Special

At the request of the Art Car Boot Fair, the International Neo Not Banksy Anartist Alliance (I.N.N.B.A.A) has instructed the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop to assist the Real Not Banksy Front (R.N.B.F) in the production of a screen print on the theme of LOVE.

As we all know, LOVE in the 21st Century is a neo-liberal post-capitalist construct aimed at perverting and enslaving our animalistic desires to make us compliant in a work, reward, buy shit, fuck each other, procreate, fuck the planet, kill people, work work work then die culture; and like-wise that ART is fundamentally an evil force raping and pillaging the creative life force of humankind and reducing it to a gaudy trinket to be flogged at market to the highest bidder…. And of course, that all ART is FAKE LOVE and all LOVE is FAKE ART.

So, we pose the questions: Is Banksy with us in the fight against LOVE & ART or is he part of the racket? Are we the pseudo-seditious answer to our marketed rebellion future? Will that bubble ever burst? … OR will the TRUE FAKE LOVE ART of the REAL NOT BANKSY FRONT liberate us all from the shackles that chain us to a stump in the swamp of maudlin soup that’s sucking us slowly down into the mire?

Answer: NO!


Artist: The Real NOT BANKSY Front
Medium: 4 colour screen print on recycled grey pulp board
Edition: 500 + 50 Artist Proofs signed, numbered and stamped by the true artists on the reverse of the print
Published on the occasion of the Art Car Boot Fair 2019
Sunday 23rd June 1-6pm, Cubitt Square, N1C 4BT


THE REAL NOT BANKSY FRONT is not an artist but an Anartist … in fact a pro-Brexit 13-year-old girl from Scunthorpe – the abandoned illegitimate child of THE “REAL” BANKSY intent on undermining her father’s liberal snowflake neo-Marxist woolly do-gooder politics, whilst, like all xenophobic neo-Fascists, secretly only wanting to be held and loved.

But really:

THE REAL NOT BANKSY FRONT is not real. There is no unloved 13-year-old girl from Scunthorpe (right-wing or otherwise) making NOT BANKSY artworks. THE REAL NOT BANKSY is an invention of the INTERNATIONAL NEO NOT BANKSY ANARTIST ALLIANCE (I.N.N.B.A.A.). The I.N.N.B.A.A. is an international alliance of NOT BANKSY frauds and NOT the real NOT BANKSY. As we all know, the real NOT BANKSY is dead, as is NOT NOT BANKSY (rumoured to have been assassinated by Pest Control). As there is NO REAL NOT BANKSY to make new works of art by NOT
, the INTERNATIONAL NEO NOT BANKSY ANARTIST ALLIANCE has fabricated THE REAL NOT BANKSY FRONT and invited L-13’s especially untrained technicians in the MANGéL PrESS Department to aid and abet this faux-production.

All I.N.N.B.A.A. artworks are quality checked and stamped by an I.N.N.B.A.A. official, signed with a STOT21stCplanB thunderbolt man, and issued with a meaningless REAL NOT BANKSY FRONT Pest Control COA.

What happened next?

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