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Published July 2019.

Now Doris Borump has been crowned leader of the free world of wage slavery and servitude to the elite classes, STOT21stCplanB offer you this: their vision of the here and now.

This is your reality
It ain’t pretty
It ain’t nice

First Edition
Edition of 113
60 x 40 cm
on silk stock
signed and numbered by the artists

Second Edition
Due to overwhelming public demand, this poster has been printed in an open edition. We will continue to sell it until every single household and workplace has this fine portrait in pride of place upon the wall.

After a 10 year hiatus STOT21stCplanB are set to launch themselves back into the art stratosphere with a long and unnecessary series of ‘No Help’ pamphlets & related ephemera, and a renewed mission to “lower the tone and bring the standard and price of art down!”

Derived from an appropriated pamphlet of dubious good intent.

Three new STOT21stCplanB products published December 2017.

The Good News! STOT21stCplanB are Back: No Help Pamphlet Issue 1
The Good News! STOT21stCplanB are Back: No Help Promo Handbill
The Good News! STOT21stCplanB are Back: No Help Torn Promo Poster