ESTATE in Totnes

Hosts: Ways with Weirds & KEVICC

Dates: 5th April – 2nd May 2022

Address: King Edward VI Community College, Ashburton Road, Totnes TQ9 5JX

Opening times:
5th to 8th April: 6pm – 8pm
9th to 25th April:  12pm – 6pm
25th April – 2nd May: 6pm – 8pm


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Located at the Jimmy Cauty’s old school where as a teenager he should have been paying attention in class but instead was busy drawing Lord of the Rings posters.

Lord Of The Rings Deluxe Re-Issue


Deluxe Limited Edition on 310 gsm Hahnemühle German Etching Paper
61 x 87 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 300

*The artist is currently working on adjusting minor details of the original work – the final image will be slightly different to the one shown here.

Jimmy Cauty went to KEVICC school in Totnes in the early ’70s but got into trouble for day dreaming and drawing wizards instead of working on his maths equations, but when his Lord of the Rings poster because an international smash hit selling over 6 million copies worldwide he was forgiven.

Jimmy moved to London in 1977 to start a band and never drew another wizard poster. He got into trouble for driving his tank to a road protest but later when his rave band The KLF became an international smash hit he was forgiven again.

These days Jimmy doesn’t make records, draw wizards, drive tanks or burn money but instead makes dystopian model villages.

Available now from the L-13 shop.