Jamie Reid Black Queen Screenprints and XXXXX Advance Sampler Book

Jamie Reid Black Queen and Book with sig

In October 2018 we will be publishing XXXXX, a 300 page full colour monograph covering 50 years of Jamie’s work.

To help fund this publication we have released the Black Queen screen print edition in two colourways and made a sampler book showing 40 pages from the forthcoming title.

The first 113 purchases of the Black Queen screen print get a FREE copy of this sampler.


Black Queen in Red, Blue and Silver
3 colours over-layed on a black oak base motif.
Each print rough and readily pulled by hand at L-13 with randomised offsetting.
Each print unique.
60 x 40 cm
Edition of 250 signed and numbered by the artist.

Jamie Reid Black Queen 1 with signature

Black Queen in Red
One colour screen print hand pulled onto a black oak base motif.
60 x 40 cm
Edition of 100 signed and numbered by the artist.

Jamie Reid Red Queen 1

The XXXXX Sampler Book

40 full colour pages from the forthcoming book Jamie Reid: XXXXX 1968 – 2018
30 x 23 cm
Saddle stitched (staples) with separated screen pint red cover on metallic silver card, shrink wrapped with title star screen printed on the shrink wrap.
Edition of 113 signed and numbered by the artist.

FREE with the first 113 Black Queen screen prints (either colourway) sold.

Jamie Reid XXXXX Advance Sampler 1

The XXXXX Book

XXXXX is a full-colour, comprehensive survey of collages, paintings, & sketches by British artist, iconoclast, anarchist, punk, hippy, shit-stirring rebel & romantic Jamie Reid.

This visual diary assembles Reid’s earliest graphic ventures out of art school, raw material from his most famous works for the Sex Pistols and unseen flashes of rebellion and beauty up to the present day.

In true DIY ethos this book serves up Reid’s Anarchist, Situationist, Surrealist, Dadaist & Druidic influences with wild energy and no explanations: to allow the work to speak for itself, to allow readers to draw their own connections.

To be released October 2018 on the occasion of a major exhibition of Reid’s work at Humber Street Gallery, Hull. More details to follow.

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