Archive Annotations: Billy Childish Sex Crimes of the Futcher 15th Anniversary Archive Edition WOODCUT COVER

Archive Annotations are a series of sporadic and incomplete anecdotes regarding past L-13 releases, oddities and rejects which are dug up from the vaults to be paraded about and subsequently DISPOSED OF via the archive section of the site shop.
Usually these are unique items, limited numbers from a long sold-out edition or unreleased experiments.
Once they are sold and their fate is sealed in a private collection these annotations will remain as reference to their existence.

Billy Childish S Crimes of Futcher Woodcut DJ 1

On our most recent visit to the L-13 Archive Vaults we found several boxes of the first book we ever published for Billy Childish (his third novel): Sex Crimes of the Futcher.
The book was published in 2004 by the aquarium, the former incarnation of L-13, in two issues: bound in red or green cloth.

That’s 15 years ago so we’ve decided it’s time for a 15th Anniversary Archive Edition.

Originally published with a screen printed dust jacket, this now inverted and reprinted with an original woodcut and with added rubber stamped titles and imprint on spine.

Available in two edition options.

Green: 1st issue bound in green cloth, edition of 25 signed and numbered.

Red: 2nd issue bound in red cloth, edition of 75 signed and numbered.

Each book is signed and numbered by the author on the title page and comes in a numbered dust jacket with an original woodcut printed on the front and title and imprints rubber stamped on the spine and back.

The book is a raw and highly charged read, and the first of Billy’s novels to be published in his dyslexic hand without corrections.

These are the last copies we have and after they are gone it will be very scarce indeed.

Check availability in the archive section of the L-13 shop.