Archive Annotations: “Fountainhead Shitter” by Milo Butt 2020

Archive Annotations are a series of sporadic and incomplete anecdotes regarding past L-13 releases, oddities and rejects which are dug up from the vaults to be paraded about and subsequently DISPOSED OF via the archive section of the site shop.
Usually these are unique items, limited numbers from a long sold-out edition or unreleased experiments.
Once they are sold and their fate is sealed in a private collection these annotations will remain as reference to their existence.

Milo Butt’s

This is the one and only, truly original, toilet pan from the L-13 Light Industrial BOG that saw unflinching service from pre-L-13 history to 2020.

It was a component part of the iconic room that had been left undisturbed in its original dark, dank and disturbing state for years as a stark daily reminder of the grimness of life. The room was designated as a work of art in 2010 and awarded to installation artist Mike Nelson as “one of his”.

Since the Covid-19 Lockdown the room has been transformed and updated to fit our new reality of germaphobic cleanliness, caution and sterility.  The toilet has been replaced with a new slimline efficient machine that doesn’t leak, and all the surfaces in the room are now pristine white and wipeable. (see the before and after photos)

We now have the pleasure of re-designating the toilet pan as a new work of art and award it to Milo Butt as “one of his”. Milo was the first Neo-Dadaist to create a painting on the L-13 Finger of God Painting Machine and has since then been on gardening leave. He is honoured to be called back into service in these times of crisis.

Fountainhead Shitter, 2020
Ceramic and plastic ‘readymade’
43 x 55 x 38 cm

Signed and dated by the artist

Comes with a Certificate of Authentication

Shipping at cost by arrangement

Check availability in the archive section of the L-13 shop. SOLD