Archive Annotations: STOT21stCplanB PACK IT IN

Archive Annotations are a series of sporadic and incomplete anecdotes regarding past L-13 releases, oddities and rejects which are dug up from the vaults to be paraded about and subsequently DISPOSED OF via the archive section of the site shop.
Usually these are unique items, limited numbers from a long sold-out edition or unreleased experiments.
Once they are sold and their fate is sealed in a private collection these annotations will remain as reference to their existence.

Modified Ikea coffee table, 2007
+ promo pack

Table: Rubber stamps and varnish on Ikea flatpack
Promo pack: Exhibition invitation, booklet, badge, and press release in a screen printed cardboard wrap (clothes pegs not included)

Table: 90 x 55 x 45.5 cm
Promo pack: 18.5 x 29 cm

This is one of the tables made for an exhibition at Ink’d Gallery, Brighton in 2007 featuring up-cycled (or down-cycled) Ikea tables. Most were decorated with a vast array of STOT21stCplanB rubber stamp prints, of which this was the artist’s favourite one. The subject of this particular table seems to be something to do with sexual imagery, bad language and poor taste. It’s been living at L-13 for the past 13 years but it’s now time to find a new home for it.

Very Scarce

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