Archive Annotations: Billy Childish Fallada Zine 2010 with ENAMEL BADGE signed

Archive Annotations are a series of sporadic and incomplete anecdotes regarding past L-13 releases, oddities and rejects which are dug up from the vaults to be paraded about and subsequently DISPOSED OF via the archive section of the site shop.
Usually these are unique items, limited numbers from a long sold-out edition or unreleased experiments.
Once they are sold and their fate is sealed in a private collection these annotations will remain as reference to their existence.

the soft ashes of Berlin snowing on Hans Fallada’s nose, neugeriemschneider 2010

Published on the occasion of Billy’s first exhibition at neugerriemschneider, this is a 24 page “xerox’d” 1970’s stye zine containing a poem, drawings, notes and source materials for the paintings exhibited in the show.

Only a handful of these made it out of Berlin, so very scarce.

We have 3 signed copies to sell.

Photocopied sheets on unbleached recycled A4 paper, stapled together in the top left corner, with a ‘Berlin Art Resistance‘ enamel badge taped on in a plastic bag.

29.7 x 21 cm

Signed by Billy with his gallows symbol on the first page.

Comes with an L-13 Certificate of Authenticity

Check availability in the archive section of the L-13 shop. SOLD