COVID-19 Art Hate Response Posters

Due to the worsening Art vs Covid-19 crisis, Billy Childish has instructed Dr Albirt Umber to unearth some pertinent ART HATE Advisory Guidance Posters from the International ART HATE Archives.

We can now offer these to you as a full set of six useful and decorative original facsimile prints.

We have nothing to fear apart from not being afraid enough.
In times of fear it is most important to be afraid.
Those who are not afraid increase risk and thus fear.
Increased fear is double good. 

Staying safe may stymie fear. We must increase fear.
Safe is not safe enough – keep your distance.
Isolation increases fear.
Increased fear – double good!

Dr Albirt Umber, 1920


Yes, it’s a Swastika. It’s a Swastika hung on the gallows meaning ‘death to fascism’. Or, if you believe the Swastika to be an ancient symbol of love and light, then it means ‘death to love and light’. You can choose which version you wish to get upset about.

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