Billy Childish – Rikard Österlund Man In The Mouth Of A Cave

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The Billy Childish Studio 2012-2018
Photographs by Rikard Österlund

A Billy Childish Studio Publication
in association with L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

120 pages
Featuring more than 80 photographs taken at Billy Childish’s painting studio over the course of six years
33 x 24 cm

Available in three variations:

Regular edition
No dust jacket

Three pictorial dust jackets
Ladder, Silhouette, or Man in Cave
Each an edition of 50 books
Signed and numbered by Billy Childish and Rikard Österlund

Original Woodcut Edition
One colour woodcut on 175gsm Somerset Book stock with hand-stamped titles
Edition of 29
Lettered in the Swedish alphabet
Signed by Billy Childish and Rikard Österlund
With an additional award-winning photograph laid in, Billy & Huddie In The Studio

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Dust Jacket

Original Woodcut, Ladder, Sillhouette, Man in Cave, No Dust Jacket