Billy Childish: The William Loveday Intention – The New and Improved Bob Dylan Vol 3


‘A CAREER IN A YEAR’ – 13 LPs have been recorded by the William Loveday Intention in the last year.

This is the third of SIX LP vinyl records to be released on Hangman Records via L-13 this year. More titles will appear on Damaged Goods  and other labels before the year is out.

Available in two editions

Test Pressing Edition: Only 25 copies of genuine Test Pressings with makeshift photocopy covers pasted on brown Kraft card and hand stamped white labels, signed by Billy Childish with his hangman symbol and sealed in an archival sleeve.

Standard Edition:  Pressing of 500 copies in black vinyl and printed reverse card sleeve.


Albirt Umber – Good evening, Mister Loveday. A few questions if you will?
William Ivy Loveday (for it is he) – Why certainly.
A. U. – Is it really necessary to record vol 3 of The New and Improved Bob Dylan?
W. I. L. – Is anything necessary, other than night, love and the day?
A. U. – Is it not disrespectful?
W. I. L. – Disrespectful would be to record The New and Corrected Bob Dylan.
A. U. – But have you not corrected Mister Zimmerman’s Desolation Row?
W. I. L. – Indeed but we did not charge him.
A. U. – May I thank you on his behalf?
W. I. L. – I accept his thanks but truly the pleasure was all mine.

Face A
One Too Many Mornings
Visions of Johanna (group)
World Gone Wrong
Stood Upon A Chair

Face B
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carol
Desolation Row
Shelter From the Storm

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LP Edition

Test Pressing Edition, Standard Black Vinyl

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