IS-NOT Banksy AbNormalcy AToM1313 Big Mona “Originals”

  • BIG MONA 1
  • IMG_9508
  • BIG MONA 2
  • IMG_9509
  • BIG MONA 3
  • IMG_9510
  • BIG MONA 4
  • IMG_9511


Following on from the AToM 1313 editions of prints. The IS-NOT Banksy AbNormalcy have taken it upon themselves to make a few versions of their favourite image from the series.

Only 4 have been made.

Screen ink, household paint and varnish on plywood
90.5 x 67.5

Each one signed, numbered and stamped on the back, with the COA pasted on and an additional screen print of the STOT21stCplanB “Up Yours” hands.

WARNING: This artwork is NOT by Banksy, is NOT endorsed by Banksy, and NOT approved of by Banksy. Do NOT buy it if you think it is or could be.

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AToM1313 1/4, AToM1313 2/4, AToM1313 3/4, AToM1313 4/4

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